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About Soli Studios

"Your Entertainment Concierge"

One of the reasons Soli Studios is referred by friends and families so often is our unique personal consultation services. While other entertainment services only provide limited ensembles or an impersonal directory of musicians, Soli Studios hand-selects the professionals perfect for your unique event and musicians we ourselves have played with or met with personally. As seasoned professional musicians ourselves, we know what and who you need! Booking with Soli today will provide you with one of our experienced professional musicians and Event Coordinators to meet with you face to face. *new paragraph* Only Soli Studios allows you to hand select your music and program, sample your personal program, coordinate every transition, request custom arrangements and establish a price and ensemble that is right for you. Booking with Soli ensures you write the Soundtrack to Your Life!

Every Soli Studios Client Receives...

Personal Consultation

Soli's "turn key" consultation services leave you with the assurance that you are getting exactly what you want for your event. We will personally meet with you in person or on the phone to coordinate exactly what you want for your event. From the custom song lists to thematic programming and custom arrangements, we will make sure every detail of your event is planned out and executed perfectly. At Soli Studios we take pride in providing the service and peace of mind we give our clients.

Customized Demo CD

When it comes to weddings and other strategically sensitive performances, making sure you know what the music sounds like in each transition and during every event on the program is crucial to your confidence and the overall excellence of the performance and event. In order to make sure your performance is delivered just as you want it, we will send you a customized Demo CD and program that will let you follow along through every part of your event and listen to the music that will accompany it.

Peace of Mind

You have enough to worry about when planning a major event. Trying to select the right musicians, inventory songs and coordinate performers takes a lot of time. Most people that are looking for live music are not knowledgeable enough about instrumentation, acoustics or song varieties to make the best decision possible...but Soli Studios is! We are so confident that our services will deliver you an encore performance, we will back it with a 110% Deposit-Back guarantee. Good luck finding that anywhere else!


"I wanted to give you guys a testimonial. In one word, incredible. From the first day I called you were on time, knowledgeable and really made us feel like we didn't have to worry about anything. As soon as we received the Demo CD along with the soundtrack program sample, we knew you guys were going to be everything we needed..."-Ryan & Megan, Married April 4th, 2010

Why Soli?

  • A Business Online, Not an Online Business
    Unlike many other services out there, Soli is not a directory service. We personally meet with you to determine which of our groups and/or musicians would best serve your needs.
  • No "middle-man" Hassle
    We personally know every one of our musicians and this guarantees that you get exactly what your Event Specialist promises you.
  • Always Available
    Soli is not made up of only 3-4 performing groups, we have hundreds of musicians on our roster which means we always have availability!
  • Money Back Promise
    Because you are dealing with Soli and not individual musicians, we can guarantee your satisfaction with a Money-Back Promise (call for details).
  • Affordable: Price Match Promise
    Since we have so many people that refer us new satisfied customers regularly, Soli is able to provide the highest level of talent for the most affordable prices in the industry. Your event is our priority an we will not let money stand in the way, so if you find any service with a lower price we will match it!

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